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About Us

About Us – Scenic Perú

We are a company that was founded in 2004 originally as AVperutours, now with a new name: Scenic Peru, as our new objective/goal for designing new adventure treks with the best itineraries combined with history and culture and most of all, to enjoy the best awe inspiring landscapes and sceneries.

We operate the Inca trail, Salkantay trek, Choquequirao, Lares trek and others alternative treks heading to Machu Picchu avoiding crowds in order to fulfill a very pleasant trip for you.

We also have vast experience fixing the most suitable itineraries for you and with extensions to Lake Titicaca, Amazon jungle, The Colca Canyon, Nazca lines, Lima.

We are strongly committed to preserving the environment, by minimizing negative impacts. Our operations help keeping local environments healthy, and develop resident communities.

Our team About Us – Scenic Perú :

founder of the company, a well experienced tour leader with 18 years guiding groups thought out the country, have worked for the top renamed travel agencies of the USA with their representatives in Peru, knows perfectly every single route of all the trekking and knows which one suits you best.

In our office we have great staff ready to attend your e-mails or phone calls or via skype, ready to assist you and answering all your questions. (foto de la secretaria en ofi)

Our tour guides, in our team we have the best well experienced and very knowledgeable tour leader, have degree in history, archeology, flora, fauna, and well trained for first aid and able to handle situations during the trip. (foto de guias)

Knowledge, leadership, enthusiasm, availability and help, communication skills, language proficiency, empathy and interpersonal skills, friendliness and sense of humor, punctuality and an excellent treatment to our team of chefs, porters and wranglers are a must. Our guests evaluate their guide after each tour, therefore we constantly evaluate our staff and their performance.

Our Chefs:

In all of our trekking trips, the chef ensures high-quality meals on time, and manages the team of porters.

An adequate diet both in its quality and quantity is essential in high-energy trips such as the adventure programs we run. Scenic Peru has already become renowned for its outstanding menus and food quality. The secret lies in the careful selection of our team of chefs, whose top-quality restaurant background, creativity and passion for their jobs provide an unequalled touch to all of our meals. We do not have set menus since we wish to give our chefs the chance to create, innovate and surprise our clients through delicious dishes in every trip. For this, Scenic Peru provides general guidelines, guest information on dietary restrictions and preferences and, most especially, the tools for a constant updating of our cooks’ knowledge in both Peruvian and International cuisine through specialization courses and training undergone during February, when most trekking operations cease due to the rains.

Our Porters and Horsemen

Porters and horsemen are an essential element in any trekking organization.

The porters carry all the collective equipment; some depart early before the group to make sure we get a good location at the campsite and to have everything ready and set up by the time you get to the lunch spot or campsite. Porters carry up to 20kg of load according to the Inca Trail regulation, which we fully respect by giving them a maximum of just 18kg each. In all treks other than the Inca Trail, wranglers are in charge of the horses or mules that carry the equipment.

Info of the company – About Us – Scenic Perú

  • Contact: Gilda gamarra
  • Office: Cusco
  • Name: Scenic Peru E.I.R.L.
  • Address: Av. Andres Avelino Caceres 743- A 501 San Sebastian Cusco – Peru
  • Phone-Fax: 51-84-611340
  • Emergency Phone: 051- 984799272; 051-1-7806406
  • Email: info@scenicperu.com
  • Website : www.scenicperu.com


Why Scenic Peru?

  • We are a local tour operator in Cusco Peru
  • Highly specialized on trekking and expeditions.
  • Small groups.
  • Professional and licensed tour leader, with degree in history, archeology and well trained to handle emergency situations and first aid.
  • We are well committed for all Safety issues.
  • Our cooks are well constantly trained to provide the most delicious meals.
  • 24 hours for customer service.
  • Top notch camping gear.
  • Highly committed to protect the environment.
  • Our porters are the best ever well-treated.
  • We truly support with social projects for the Andean villages where our porters come from, specially supporting their schools.
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