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Is a new touristic spot to enjoy from Cusco city, the rainbow Mountain is also called “Cerro Colorado” and is close to the highest snow-capped mountain in Cusco region “AUSANGATE” (6,384mts) is located in Pitumarca village which is part of Canchis province, and is part of the mountain range “Cordillera Vilcanota” and around there are some communities of indigenous Inca descendant people. That is also interesting to learn how their lives go on keeping the ancient traditions and customs.
To visit the Rainbow mountain, we leave very early in the morning, by 4 am, that will take around 3.30 hours to the starting point called “Quesiuno”(4,326 m / 14,189 ft), usually in a fixed tour, there in Quesiuno which is the trailhead to have a good breakfast there before the hike.
On the way, a beautiful hike of around 5-6 hours, along the way you´ll appreciate some nice herds of Alpacas, Llamas, also a good chance to interact with those villages of Incan descendants. On this hike you will have always the view of the majestic snowcapped mountain “Ausangate” once we reach the rainbow mountain, there we can have the tasty box lunch.
Later after we reach the very top which is around 5,020 mts / 16,466 ft, there to have a good rest and lot of photos too, you will descend back to the starting point “Quesiuno” this hike going downhill will take around from 4 to 5 hours, and also the chance to spot some wildlife too, such: Chinchillas, probably herds of Vicuñas, which are relatives of the Llama family.
Later we embark back in the private car, for again 3 hours back to Cusco that you would get there from 8 to 9pm.
The total hiking distance is around 15 kms, or 9 miles. The level of difficulty can be relative, some people find it moderate, and some others find challenging. Anyway, in a fixed day tour, you travel with a professional tour guide who also bring oxygen bottle, first aid kit, a horse for any difficult situation.
Alex Vereau
Professional tour guide at “Scenic Peru” e.i..r..l.
“We take care of you for the best time and the most memorable journey”

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