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The Tambopata tour Puerto Maldonado, is in the region of Tambopata, officially called: Tambopata National Reserve, in Spanish: “Reserva Nacional de Tambopata”, is a natural reserve in the southern Amazon of Peru, near Cusco, which is a Basin south of the river Madre de Dios and it has several districts. It was created on January 26, 1990, to protect the forests adjacent to the rivers Heath and Tambopata that have two very important ecosystems and are noted for its biodiversity, representing native flora and fauna with over 1700 species, 700 types of birds; (comprising 127 families and 622 genera) of plants, 103 species of mammals, 1300 species of butterflies and 90 species of amphibians.
The reserve is located right across the regions of Madre de Dios, Cusco, and Puno.
Tambopata is the 40% of the reserve in the department (or state) of Madre de Dios. (next to Cusco province)
For Tambopata tours Puerto Maldonado, you can either fly from Lima (one hour flight) or from Cusco (30 minutes flight).
the access to get to Tambopata national reserve, is from Puerto Maldonado town, with a travel agency which fixes everything for you, once you arrive in Puerto Maldonado town, the travel agency will take you to the Madre de Dios river, where you board a boat to travel along the river for 1 or 2 or 3 hours to the specific rustic lodge, from where you will do guided tours. The Tambopata tours Puerto Maldonado, can be from 3 to 5 days tour, there you will board back a boat and the tour guide will point out all those different wild life and flora too, then another day, you´ll hike through the jungle, on hike during the day, and another hike at night, where there is a different wild life, another day, you´ll have the chance to walk over the canopy walk tree, or do some kayaking, or fishing, or swimming, zip line, etc.
A great tour for those who love wildlife.
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