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For Tambopata tours, Puerto Maldonado, where I several times took groups of foreign tourist, was a unique place for experiencing right contact with nature, how vast the Amazon jungle is, great wildlife, fantastic rivers, and a nice feeling with nature itself.
We left Cusco and took a 30 minutes flight plane to Puerto Maldonado town, there at arrival, our travel agency reps took us to the office and storage room, where you will leave the rest of your luggage, just bring with you what is necessary for the 3 or 5 days trip. There you´ll be provided the Wellington boots.
Later we board the boat for a 3 hours ride by the river, till we got to our rustic lodge, some of the lodges can have an electric generator and hot water, others have just candles and cold water for facilities. On the first day we get a briefing of all next activities, first, you´ll have a 2 hours hike through the jungle, then another one through the night, surprisingly you´ll notice a change of animals according to the time during the day and night.
Another nice experience for Tambopata tours Puerto Maldonado, is the chance to observe some interesting wildlife, such: the Black caiman, the giant otters, hundreds of types of birds, the Toucans, some Monkeys, the Capibaras (largest rodent in the world) probably some Anteaters, you might also spot a Snake in the distance, as they as soon as some is approaching they just get way hiding under the roots of the trees, so much variety of butterflies, insects, and you are lucky you might spot the Jaguar in the distance.
By doing those Tambopata tours Puerto Maldonado, all meals are included, tasting the great Peruvian cuisine as well as the traditional local amazon dishes, these tours can be of 3 or 5 days, just to point out, it´s a matter of luck what wildlife you can encounter each day, it varies according to the season, months, day weather, etc.
Recommendations: bring a good Deet mosquito repellent, long sleeve shirts, and long trousers or pants. There is not much danger of getting any Malaria, or Yellow fever, Zica, the Peruvian government takes so much control over those health issues. However, some travel agencies recommend for you to get shots or vaccinations for those diseases.
A lot of water, as weather can be very high in humidity, and also rain gear as you might get some heavy rain for moments too.
In the end, you´ll be taken back to Puerto Maldonado town for our flight back to Lima, or flight to Cusco.
Alex Vereau E.
Tour leader at Scenic Peru e.i.r.l.
“We take care of you for the best time and the most memorable journey”

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  • We are a local tour operator in Cusco Peru
  • Highly specialized on trekking and expeditions.
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  • Professional and licensed tour leader, with degree in history, archeology and well trained to handle emergency situations and first aid.
  • We are well committed for all Safety issues.
  • Our cooks are well constantly trained to provide the most delicious meals.
  • 24 hours for customer service.
  • Top notch camping gear.
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  • We truly support with social projects for the Andean villages where our porters come from, specially supporting their schools.
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